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Town of Orono

Public Library
Photo of Orono Maine
Part of the Orono Public Library's large, accessible children's selection
Photo of Orono Maine
The Orono Public Library offers comfortable seating and great lighting
Photo of Orono Maine
The exterior of the Orono Public Library building


Friends of the Orono Public Library

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Friends of the Orono Public Library

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Friends of the Orono Public Library is a group of residents of Orono and surrounding communities who help the Orono Public Library carry out its community mission by providing financial and other kinds of support. They believe a town's library is a valuable community resource.

By offering ongoing and special programs for all age levels and many interests, the Library functions as more than a warehouse for books; it serves as a vital center for the intellectual and cultural life of our town. The Friends are proud to help it carry out that role. 

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Please send a check for your donation level (Individual $10, Family $25, or Lifetime $100) and include your name, address, and email address. Please make your check payable to Friends of the Orono Public Library and mail to: 

Friends of the Orono Public Library
39 Pine Street
Orono ME 04473

Board of Directors

President      Leslee Noyes

Treasurer      Margie Innis